The Florida Citrus Season will be starting soon, we will begin harvesting late October, and start shipping the 2nd week in November. Please call with any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates

    Starting at: $30.00

    A personal gift certificate with YOUR NAME as the gracious giver, will be sent along with our brochure & all information to make their shopping easy. They may give us a call and we will be glad to help them choose their personal gift and when to receive it. Learn More
  2. Tail Gating Candy Tray

    Tail Gating Candy Tray

    Starting at: $49.95

    A generous arraignment of fudge, nougat candies and citrus fruit candies. A solid milk chocolate Gator is in the center, surrounded by candy and pecan log rolls. The entire outer edge is made of a creamy fudge in a wonderful variety of flavors. Price includes delivery to most states but we will add $5 to Western US and $10 to Canada. Learn More
  3. Jelly Candy Round #1508C

    Jelly Candy Round #1508C

    38 oz Oval Deluxe Learn More
  4. Chocolate Coconut Patties

    Chocolate Coconut Patties

    Starting at: $22.95

    Everyone loves our fresh coconut squares hand dipped in melt in your mouth real milk chocolate! A tasty Florida sweet treat. Learn More
  5. Natural Citrus Candies

    Natural Citrus Candies

    Starting at: $27.95

    * Gift #1: A delicious array of Creamy Nougat, Pecan Orangettes, and Natural Citrus Juice Delicacies: Orange, Lemon, and Lime. * Gift #2: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Tangerine, and Pecan Orangette Delicacy, made from Natural Citrus Juice. * Gift #3: Natural Citrus Juice Candies from Florida: Orange, Lemon, and Lime Delicacy. * Gift #4: A deluxe assortment of Natural Citrus Juice Candies: Pecan Orangettes, Pecan Log Roll Slices, and Creamy Nougat´╗┐ Learn More
  6. Tropical Cookie  #1159

    Tropical Cookie #1159

    Tropical Cookie Tower Inspired by the carefree, seaside paradise that is the Florida Keys, our tower includes a large Key Lime cake, Coconut Crunch Breezers, rich in real coconut flavor and chips, a Cabana Banana Nut mini bundt cake. On top is a box of Key Lime Thimble Cookies, dusted with powdered sugar. Your Tropical Treasure is a beautifully finished with a deep sea blue bow. As spectacular as an island sunset! Learn More
  7. Grande Golden Tin

    Grande Golden Tin

    Starting at: $59.95

    An elegant golden tin, generously filled with delicious candies and nuts: Pistachios, Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate-covered Blueberries, White Chocolate Pretzels, Chocolate-covered Bing Cherries, Jumbo Whole Cashew and Deluxe Mixed Nuts. Learn More
  8. Red Swirl Tin

    Red Swirl Tin

    Starting at: $53.95

    A colorful collector tin of Jumbo Pistachios, Whole Cashews and Deluxe Mixed Nuts. The perfect "Thank You" gift. Learn More
  9. Florida Bundt Cakes

    Florida Bundt Cakes

    Starting at: $29.95

    These deliciously moist cakes have been a Florida Favorite for years. Large (24 oz.) and last 2 months in the fridge. Learn More
  10. Tropical Treasure Box

    Tropical Treasure Box

    Starting at: $66.95

    This box is filled with sweet surprises. Fresh Coconut patties dipped in chocolate, a decorator tin of Key Lime cookies, pecan logs, tropical flavored coffee, citrus juice candies are just the start. We add orange blossom honey, assorted marmalades, chocolate alligators, "Gator Gummies" orange bubble gum and Florida taffy to complete this treasure. We can also add trays of citrus for the total gift. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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